Write about the most precious thing you’ve ever lost.

I lost something.  I don’t know where it is.  Where did I leave it?  Will I find it?  What if I don’t?  Wanna help me look for it?  Of course you do.  “But, what are we looking for?” you ask.  Me.  All of me.  From beginning to end to now to forever.  How did I get lost?  Well, I was born lost… alone… no one to really understand me… who I was… what I needed… To look into my eyes and truly see my fear, my heart, my hope… Hope?  The hope that I would meet the invisible persons who kept me company and let me know I wasn’t alone.  The hope I would learn why I had a curious feeling of comfort when I knew I was being “watched.”  The knowledge of “notaloneness” drifted in and out of my childhood.  But, one day in my seventeenth year, the “Who” of past came forward when He was introduced to me by Rev. Otto Sather at Plain Community Church, north of Leavenworth, WA.  It was a benign quick intro with no revelation of the things to come.  Just know that, nothing is wasted, ever.